V3 features

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi andras,

> What is the exact plan for V3? Sorry I found
> the wishlist topic too crowded.

There is no exact plan - I just have a general goal of implementing various features that a lot of people have requested.

A lot of stuff will come from the "top 5 feature request for v3" discussion thread here:

If you have some particular features that you'd like to see in v3, add your top 5 highest priority ones to that thread there so they'll be in the running.

The actual development is pretty fluid - which particular things get developed depend on a lot of factors like if a good idea for the UI pops up, or if it's an area that can solve a lot of problems and questions that people are frequently asking.

Those things, like having a good idea for the UI and analyzing repeated questions are things that are not necessarily predictable and can be constantly in flux so it's not easy to base a long lasting plan on them. So because of that the development of v3 will also be more fluid and I'm not 100% sure in advance how it will go yet.

Right now during the early stages I am primarily focused on some new deformation tools like the new Flow and Twist tools, and I'll probably be working on this area for a little bit longer before switching to something else.

- Michael