V3 features

 From:  Mike K4ICY (MAJIKMIKE)
I hope some of these things are in consideration: :-)

1) A (quick) Shear handle on the ortho handle bars gizmo.
2) Free-Form Distortion (FFD). Where X by X by X control points in a box/grid configuration around the object will allow for envelope-driven free distortion.
3) A view control for angular Orthographic Projection. (Shown below)
4) A tool for making Call-Out dimensional notations. (Shown below)
5) A Blend tool that can blend off of MORE than two surface edges, and do so with options to follow or not follow tangents of each associated surface edge.
This could be the end-all be-all surface creation tool for matching surfaces.
6) The ability to physically move curves and curve control points on surface edges and the surfaces will re-build. Multiple surfaces joined into one object will conform as well. (Maybe not possible without getting into parametrics territory, but there must be some good part from this idea)
7) The ability to move holes and trimmed sections, as well as being able to "push/pull" surfaces, and the associated connected surface and curves would follow suit.