Fullscreen in V3 (and pop under mouse menus ?)

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Luis,

> which is why I would just make the default border style
> live in a CSS definition for all children to inherit from it...

I will probably end up with the colors defined in the CSS (or possibly in a separate color definition file that will contain all colors in it) - it's possible for custom C++ code to read some parameters out of the moi.css file itself, for some things that are drawn directly and not using the HTML engine.

It's actually doing that already in certain cases - including for the flyout border, the border comes from an image file that is defined as a flyoutBorderImage CSS property set on the body, that's how some flyouts have that darker style image on them, they are set to use the FlyoutBorder2.png image.

I do not think it will be feasible to make the borders drawn using the HTML engine though, I've tried to describe above the issues that make that difficult.

- Michael