Fullscreen in V3 (and pop under mouse menus ?)

 From:  Luis (LFUNG)
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Hi Michael,

I certainly understand about the annoyances. The connector piece is one of them of course, but that is exactly what I would like to be able to control and modify.

I figured, if I can set and/or get the window panel coordinates via js then I should be to draw a custom connector anywhere along any of the borders as a separate entity on top. Kinda of a hack, but it may just work.

I plain webkit-enabled panel without any Moi-drawn borders/or edges at some point would be just great (i think that's what you mentioned before). Of course, it probably wouldn't be for everyone, which is why I would just make the default border style live in a CSS definition for all children to inherit from it...

Just wishful thinking at this point...