Blue Bolt

 From:  OSTexo
Hello Frenchy Pilou,

I use triangles only to export to Thea. I also used the Divide Larger than: parameter set to .2 (All) in this case. You end up with a dense high count mesh and I'm probably overkilling it but the render is so smooth, I think it cleans up much sooner than 30 minutes but I just hit run and walk away. I created an 4x2K HDR in modo using the SLIK kit and rendered it out and placed it in Thea. I used a metallic car paint preset for the bolt and I dropped an infinite plane at the bottom of the bolt to tone down the light coming up from the bottom of the table.

Hello Magic,

I developed the process with trial and error, however the threads are accurate, I think more accurate than what is produced in real life, and the procedure can be used with ISO metric and UTS. I was thinking of making a video, what do you think? I probably use more steps than required but I think the math is sound and it's better to be able to follow along. Thanks.