Sweep not pointy

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rich_Art,

> Why won't the sweep makes 2 pointy ends when setting Moi to do so.

It's because you've placed the circle profile curve at that end position - so that means that the end station is already occupied by your profile and so there is no space to place a point in there as well.

Sweep basically works by having a single profile curve defined at each station along the rail, and you've already occupied the end station.

If you want to use "pointy ends", you've got to have the ends unoccupied by your own profiles so that a collapsed down curve point can be added to the end position.

> If I just use a circle spline somewhere in the scene it does works
> as you can see in my other post.

Like Burr mentions, that's using "auto place" mode, and auto-place mode knows to put the circle at the midpoint of the rail if you've got both point ends set.

If you're going to do direct placement of the profile on the rail you would need to put it somewhere on the interior of the rail and not right at the end if you want to make the pointy end option work.

- Michael