OBJ export settings for C4D

 From:  Michael Gibson
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So basically to answer your original question - there are no special particular settings required to export to C4D, just don't disable the importing of normals and don't delete the normal tag because using the imported vertex normals for shading helps make the shading look better because those normals come from the original NURBS surface data.

Then the only other thing is that if you want to reduce the appearance of polygonal outlines you need to move the slider to the right a bit to generate a denser output with more polygons in it.

But it's possible in numerous ways to have artifacts in a rendering that are specific to the render engine itself, and you may need to tweak things like bias settings or parameters like that to manipulate the rendering. That's something that's involved with the renderer itself though and not the import of the geometry.

Maybe check if your objects are at a different scale than what the default settings in the render engine are expecting.

- Michael