OBJ export settings for C4D

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi mike,

> I get major problems when exporting obj to C4D
> as you can see in the image.

Those look like rendering-specific artifacts such as self-shadowing type problems.

You'll probably need to adjust some parameters in the rendering engine to avoid those glitches - either that or possibly check if you have some kind of environment map set that has some dark bands in it or something like that.

But that kind of speckly looking stuff is very indicative of a rendering specific process, not really something related to the import itself.

What happens in just the regular viewport display without doing a rendering, does it also have darkness in those areas or not?

Maybe try clearing out environment maps and turn off global illumination in the renderer and see if you get a much different looking render result.

Anyway, you'll be manipulating the renderer itself to tweak that, not the export out of MoI.

> I also tried to export the obj with less poly-count, but
> I also get artefacts.

Yes, that's normal that a lower polygon count will have more pronounced visible edges in the geometry - you need to export a higher polygon count object if you want to reduce that type of artifact, it is caused by a low number of polygons being used to approximate curves.

Just move the slider to the right somewhat to generate a denser mesh to reduce that kind of artifact.

- Michael