Ship hull kinks

 From:  JPBWEB
I reworked the model towards a more extensive but still faily 'natural' or intuitive network of curves, with much better results. The bottom is very flat, and the bulbous bow is smooth as desired.

There is still a very annoying but barely detectable kink near the bow, probably due to the pointy shape of the lowest closed curve. That should be easily fixable.

It is quite amazing what can be achieved with one single network of curves. But the party is not over yet. The stern side is a bit messy still, and will require more attention, and a first check back to the blueprint seems to indicate that the shape of the hull is broadly in line but quite systematically wider. I suppose that a tightening of the tolerance of the network command (that Rhino provide but MoI does not yet) should help with that.

But overall, I find this quite encouraging, I'd say.

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