Problem with revolve-curve

 From:  Michael Gibson
4587.9 In reply to 4587.8 
Hi mike, thanks for posting the 3DM file!

So first re: deleting the revolved curve - from what I can see in your file your original revolve curve is actually hidden and also located a little distance down below your solid shapes. If I display it, it seems that I can select it and delete it ok.

The thing that you see that is attached to your solid is not the revolve curve - that's the "seam edge" of the surface. You don't want to delete that since it is a built in part of the surface itself. Every surface in MoI has edge curves that define its boundary and in the case of a closed surface like a revolve it's like you have a sheet of paper rolled up with 2 opposite edges of the paper touching each other. That's a normal part of the surface and not something to get rid of.

The generator curve will be another separate object from that entirely.

- Michael