Problem with revolve-curve

 From:  Michael Gibson
4587.2 In reply to 4587.1 
Hi mike, sorry but it's a bit difficult to understand exactly what you are running into.

Can you please attach a 3DM model file with the revolve and the other objects in it? Being able to examine the actual model data that you are describing will make it a lot easier to understand what is going on.

One thing is that when you do a revolve, if you then edit the curve that was used to make the revolve, the revolved surface will update in response to the edit. That's MoI's history function that allows you to manipulate the original curve and see the updated result immediately.

If that's what is getting in your way you might want to delete the original generator curve so that you won't accidentally move it around and have the revolve update, or you can also just disable history updating on the revolve by selecting the revolved result and using the Edit > History command - there is a button that will show up that says "Disable update" that you can push to turn off history updating on that object.

I'm not exactly sure if that history update thing is what you're running into or not though.

- Michael