Problem with revolve-curve

 From:  Michael Gibson
4587.10 In reply to 4587.8 
Hi mike,

> I first made the revolve
> Then I made the second spline for the handle or whatever.
> Then I did a trimm command
> Then I extruded the inner face I got from the trim

That's an ok way to do things especially if you want the top of the extruded piece to have the same kind of rounded shape as the revolve.

But you'll need to do a bit more work to get the pieces all joined together into a single solid so that you will have some joined edges to be able to fillet.

When you do the extrude of the inner face - that makes a little self contained solid out of the extrusion and you'll then need to delete the bottom face of that so that there is an unattached edge at the bottom of that extrusion that then matches to the other unattached trimmed away edge of the revolve, then you can use Edit > Join to glue together those pieces into a solid.

- Michael