Behold! The Transformation Chamber

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mike, those are some cool transformations!

And yes you will want to avoid having objects touching or crossing over the center axis line of the cylinder for that since at the center line there are multiple possible solutions for the closest point to the cylinder instead of only one so that would cause bad results. But as long as your objects stay a little ways away from the center line it should be a good way to add tapering or bulging to them.

> I believe (Michael) you were considering a way to choose U/V directions
> by proximity selection when running the command.

Yup, it will match UVs by where you click on each surface - you click on an edge near to one side of the edge or the other so there are 8 different zones to click in, and UVs are flipped or swapped as necessary to get those spots aligned. An example here:

> Normal side selection may be a consideration as well.

Yup, there is also a new "Flip surface normal" that's I've added to the Flow options stage which you can check or uncheck to control that part.

- Michael