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 From:  Bard (BFM)
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Good afternoon Michael,

<< The Edit palette is getting pretty large already which is one factor that has made me hesitate to add it in there right away.>>

Please, don't hesitate; you could keep "Copy, Paste, Hide, Lock & History" in "edition" menu; and may be create a new menu "Objet" for commands like: "Rebuild, Flip, &c, ... Join, Separate, Trim, Extend, Show pts, Add pt".

Or may be; as it must to select one objet to apply these commands, to put they in the menu "Select" and rename it "Selection", as "work on selection" (there are only 3 icons). Personnally I have never used this menu since I use MoI.

A possible other way, will be to do a contextual menu by right click, and put inside all the effective and useful commands for objets? That will be discreet and always available at any moment... Although I prefer always a visible menu.

Don't hesitate, because all the shortcuts are never the right solution.

I can relate my experience: Once upon a times, at beginning of my great job of computer graphics designer, very professional and very expansive (That was THE golden years for us = Big pay of manager), on big system like Genigraphics; then, FreeLance on the first Macintosh, I learnt by heart all the shortcuts (The mouses was on wheel & very slow; the computers too; an hamster spun inside with some bugs well fed)... Yes good, don't you think?... Some years after the developers (Reign of marketing's holy Joe experts) changed all the shortcuts... End of royal's pay; charge of maid, even charity for tramp (Gulf-war, again by States of America supervised by sects & profits). Since then, the shortcuts are a plague. The End.

Many tests have proved, it is faster to use the mouse in a menu, rather to type one kilo of keyboard's shortcuts. So, to fill his head with shortcuts, is a waste of time (and money).
Then! no hesitation, one menu "Objet" or "Selection" or according to your choice, with these commands, will be welcome.

<< Keep in mind that MoI is not in its "ideal perfect finished" version currently - it is a work in progress and is going to continue to be tuned up in the future.>>

Yes, it's general for all the softwares, no? Also the humans are not "ideal perfect finished", and a lot stop any progress from the puberty. No problem, I keep in mind, Hugh! Word of Bard.

Thanks, have a good day.