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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Bard,

> So, if I understand, when we go to micro-curves, the
> NURBS technique finds its limits; while the technique
> of polygones formed & composed by segments of straight
> lines, perform better...

Yes, for some kinds of cases polygon modeling techniques can work better.

It depends on the particular shape at hand and also what you plan on doing with the object when it is finished being modeled as well.

If you're only going to render the result, you can kind of get away with things like polygons crossing each other and bunching up on the inside of the object, but you generally can't do that if you are going to use the model for physical construction.

Several of the tools in MoI like fillets are more oriented towards making an accurate model that would be suitable not just for rendering but also for accurate physical construction. Sometimes that means though that they're trying to do a more difficult task than what you might see a polygon modeling tool doing.

> At beginning, when I used MoI, I thought that all the functions
> was in the visible interface & menus; now I ask me how many
> hidden functions we miss, when we don't read the instruction book?

They ones not available from icons are listed in the help file here:

> I would like well an icon in the menu "Edition" for this command REBUILT.

Yeah I do want to make it more accessible in the future. I just have not quite figured out where to put it yet. The Edit palette is getting pretty large already which is one factor that has made me hesitate to add it in there right away.

Keep in mind that MoI is not in its "ideal perfect finished" version currently - it is a work in progress and is going to continue to be tuned up in the future.

- Michael