BEVELS on letters

 From:  Bard (BFM)
Good afternoon.

So, if I understand, when we go to micro-curves, the NURBS technique finds its limits; while the technique of polygones formed & composed by segments of straight lines, perform better... So why to don't change of pinion (cogwheel, gear wheel)?

"Pinion" is "Opinion" without "O", the same root. As you know it, if you stay fixed on the same circle, you become a pion, just a point, a poor pawn in a game; never you will be a complete Being or Mankind... On a bicycle we change constantly of transmission ratio; in some cars, we pass the overdrive speed; if you want to beat a big mountain of muscles, you change your approach of fight, you make Aïkido, some chinese Wushu or you take your legs at your neck (take to one's heels); when we are under the water, we stop to breathe; & when a horse farts, it's because he has wind... And, in 3D we stay on the same train of gears? Very strange to resolve limits. --- Roar of laughter... Poetry is fairway to solve any blockage. I'm not very technician & ignorant in this matter ---

At beginning, when I used MoI, I thought that all the functions was in the visible interface & menus; now I ask me how many hidden functions we miss, when we don't read the instruction book? I am like this woman who burns your last nice shirt or her expansive robe, because never she reads the manual of your cupid (love) gift, her new high-tech iron.

This command to rebuilt a curve seems important & very useful. I believe if I have known this command, I would be less "getting on the nerves", owing to these bevels that MoI wouldn't to treat.

I would like well an icon in the menu "Edition" for this command REBUILT.

Thanks you Michael, for all these good & precious informations.

EDITED: 5 Oct 2011 by BFM