From:  FelixPQ (FELIX)
Hi Michael,

I was fooling around and I tried filtering on a "style" the default in this case. I have a single solid (visible) there that I wanted to move and it was easier to move it without face visible, so I hide the faces, move my object and then made the faces visible again. As I did that, all other objects (with faces) on other styles became visible as well.

I would have thought that having a filter on the default style would have prevented object with other style to be affected. Is this the normal behaviour?

Basically what I wanted to do was to see my object in wireframe, move it around and view it in shaded or solid "mode" again. And of course, all this with without affecting all other object I may have hidden from view by which ever means. Is this possible? If yes then how?


PS. I also tried to put a filter on the object itself but that didn't work either.