3ds max 2012 problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Chris,

> Only care when they overlap a bunch in a model :( Means I
> have to get in there and poly edit them.

If you run into triangulation problems where the internal triangulation of the n-gon has overlapping triangles where some are starting to go in the wrong orientation, then that's a bug in the n-gon triangulation mechanism of the FBX importer.

That's in Autodesk code - there isn't anything I can do myself to fix up that particular problem, you will need to send a bug report in to them to get them to improve the triangulation algorithm so that it doesn't make bad triangles like that. Doing a really robust triangulator is a fairly tricky thing so problems similar to that are not too uncommon - it may help them if you can send them an example of the n-gon that does not triangulate properly so they can have a case to test with.

If that does not happen very frequently though, you can probably export from MoI using n-gons most of the time, and only export from MoI using "Output: Quads & Triangles" for cases where the FBX n-gon triangulation mechanism had some difficulty.

- Michael