3ds max 2012 problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Chris - sorry I still don't understand exactly what you're referring to there.

In your last screenshot you seem to be displaying "quads & triangles" type output from MoI, not n-gon output from MoI, is that correct?

If you output n-gons from MoI there is no triangulation stored in the file at all - that triangulation is instead calculated at import time by the Max FBX importer.

There are numerous different ways to triangulate an n-gon, it's not like there is only 1 single correct answer for it. So it's normal for different pieces of program code to produce different triangulations from the same original n-gon - that's not a bug all by itself as long as the triangulation is a valid one.

So don't worry if the hidden triangulation looks a little different between the one that the FBX importer generated when importing n-gons versus what MoI was going to produce when MoI was exporting to "Quads & Triangles" - that's not a bug that they have different triangles generated with different n-gon processing code.

If you see triangles leaking outside of the n-gon border or totally invalid triangulations then that's a much different matter.

But so far from your description I don't understand why you are concerned about it.

Why do you care if the hidden edges of the internal triangulation matches the triangulation that MoI was going to generate if you were exporting from MoI with non-n-gon output?

- Michael