3ds max 2012 problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Chris - not sure if I follow what you're talking about in that last message...

In Steve's case he shows N-gons coming through and if it renders with proper vertex normals, it looks like everything is working fine for him.

Are you maybe experiencing n-gon processing problems with a few specific complex n-gons?

If so, then there may be some bug in the FBX import plug-ins processing of some particular shapes - if that's the case then it would be a good idea to send an example of the bug to Autodesk so that they might be able to fix it up.

Again, the standard advice applies - if your rendering program has difficulty processing complex n-gons then export from MoI using the "Quads & Triangles" option instead of exporting n-gons.

You can only use n-gons if your receiving software is able to handle them well - if it can't handle them well then don't use n-gons.

Previously the Max FBX importer was pretty good at handling them though, so it's possible that there is a bug introduced in a recent version that they could fix up.

- Michael