3ds max 2012 problems

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Chris - there have been problems with OBJ import into Max for a long time - that's actually the entire reason why I implemented FBX format export in MoI, just specifically to be able to get stuff into Max well.

In previous versions of Max you could import FBX files with n-gons and the n-gons were preserved.

From what you describe, it sounds like the setting for that in Max is not doing what it is supposed to? That sure seems like a bug in their FBX importer, that's something that they will need to fix up, please try to report it to them with a simple example file.

Since FBX is the primary way to get full n-gon with vertex normals data into Max, if their FBX importer is broken that will need to be fixed by them in order to get the full fidelity import working again.

Otherwise, it looks like you'll need to export from MoI with "Output: Quads & Triangles" or "Output: Triangles only" in FBX format for now until they get that bug fixed up.

- Michael