moi development

 From:  mariomarimba
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i can see great wisdom in your approach. often i think how can we spread it wider.
in a big commercial world we face more and more complications!!!!! and i mean it.
we are wasting more and more time on cad 'issues' instead on design issues.
lot of bad habit has been created over the last two decades. we have now armies of cad, revit and god knows
what other types of managers and specialist getting stack deeeper and deeper into resolving great number of irrelevant
issues during the design process. and than you come accross something like moi with no junk.
clear and simple topped up with this latest flow tool!!!!! o marvelous. before i say too much let me enjoy
my design experimentation weekend with moi flow.
have no worries about your direction. it is very good. keep rolling. less is more.


one more time thanks for your immediate service advice as well, which you don't get for every cad package .
it is very personal service, knowledgeable one and quick.