moi development

 From:  mariomarimba
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hi everyone

i could not resist this somehow fundamental issue.
i am an architect and i come across very complex building types all the time.
i have classical education in engineering and architecture. with confidence i can say
that moi as a program has just about everything that professional designer or design architect need in some way.
what you need is creativity and fundamental knowledge of classical geometry that you can use as a starter and advance further .
i have seen in the past cad people not being able to do something because some particular program does not have ready made tool
for it. by using your knowledge you should overcome the 'lack of tool' . some of this big and expensive programs offer millions of tools that are just confusing and cost money. that is called commercial modern product.
it is like new car with million new gadgets that are there just to make you buy it.
so stick to moi, learn geometry (basic and advanced ) and enjoy your design life.
your knowledge should be universal and above cad software.

design friend