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 From:  Klingbeil
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Hi Michael :)

i am aware that Sketchup wasn't always free until Google acquired it, but my point was - how many people had heard of Sketchup until they made the "lite" version free for all? their original intent of making it free to drive the creation of content had the side effect of becoming widely used by amateurs and hobbyists, which in turn causes an increase in sales for their PRO version. i fully understand your situation and i can appreciate the work you put into this great program. this was just a suggestion for you to consider to help MOI get a wider audience. like i said, i had only heard about MOI about a week ago and i only learned about it from a blog where is was only mentioned in passing. i've started telling my hobbyist friends about MOI, but the high price (compared to ~$50 USD or free) puts it out of their price range for a "hobby" purchase. i would highly encourage a "lite" version to get it into more hands. i personally plan on purchasing the full version for what i do with prototype creation in my home business.

it's just my opinion, take it as you please ;)