moi development

 From:  Greg (HORSEGUY44)
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Hey Klingbeil. Although my boss would be happy if we NEVER had to upgrade our seats of Solidworks (it isn't backwards compatible, so when our clients move up, so do we, and pay the price for each seat...) my issues with the new tools is more of familiarity, not usefulness or even clutter as I can chance the UI to suit my prejudices. Having seen what other people go through using AutoCAD, or ProE, I'm THRILLED to be using Solidworks. And after 10 years its a comfortable friend.

I had the chance to teach a class in Drafting at a local college and was amused at the pain level the students experience making a pencil draw lines and curves on paper, and how RELEAVED they were when finally allow (at mid term) to start drafting on the computer. Speed and ease are all a matter of familiarity and experience, and much less the specific tools. I know my struggles with MOI have more to do with my tendency to want to model as if in Solidworks (and failing because it isn't) than any negatives about the software and tools available themselves.

Michael, as a guy who LOVES to have a model shop full of cool tools, most of which rarely get used but are the BEST when a specific task comes up, I greatly appreciate your considering the various option dialogues and bins for keeping all those little specialty options and scripts close to hand, but tucked away. Thanks!