moi development

 From:  Greg (HORSEGUY44)
Just as a counterpoint (to play devil's advocate) it is also possible to become so obsessed with KISS (keep it simple stupid) that the tool becomes one in which many procedures involve lengthy work-arounds or knowledge of hidden (i.e. keyboard shortcuts or scripts) features which turns the apparently simple into a steeper learning curve.

I offer as an example (so no one thinks I'm bad mouthing MOI) Keyshot. Their basic interface is (was) just a few buttons across the bottom of the screen. Seems ideal, but it turns out that in order to refine anything, you fill your screen with sub windows that open other subwindows with lots of ill-defined settings. (And don't get me started about the necessity to buy a three button mouse JUST so you can "pan" the view!)

Although a UI interface like a 747 cockpit isn't desirable, having to search manuals, tutorials and online forums for work-arounds (or hidden shortcuts) keeps the new user away from the creative process as well.

I very much approve of Michaels desire to prevent MOI from becoming cluttered and redundant (as I found Rhino's menu choices to be) but I also don't feel like the addition of other tools or "library" subwindows (such as a junk drawer for scripts) would be such a bad thing. As a long (long) time user of Solidworks who tends to use only 25% of the available tools to create complex molded parts and products, I can both appreciate an uncluttered interface, but also value the underlying power available in having more choices (tools) to get the job done, rather than planning the final shape (which I'm often reworking as I see the forms develop) 20 steps in advance. Does that mean I'm lazy? You bet! I'll work smarter rather than harder any day! But I also like the option NOT to start at the end (with a finished concept) and hack and slash my way to a finished form instead.

If MOI is (as I get better at it) or can become that forgiving, I'll be a very happy camper.