moi development

 From:  Bri (CELTICDOG77)

I have a question/ observation with regard to your ongoing development of MOI

You receive many many requests for specialized tools or functions to address various design issues. Almost invariably you or someone on the forum has a work around. In its present state MOI is simple and elegant by design. One of the reasons I stopped working in Solidworks was because of the numerous, confusing, often subtle use cases in many of the specialized tools. In fact, I often found myself unable to move forward because I didn't want to use anything but the tool specifically designed for the particular issue. I would then spend way too much time looking for the elusive tool. Frankly I feel its stifling and actually encourages the user to conform and thus become less involved in the design process. When I use MOI it seems that I'm much more free to experiment. If this all makes sense here's my question: How do you determine which tools are developed while keeping the UI and workflow inline with the creative user. I can't help but feel that every time I read a question like "why don't you have a button that ..." it just makes me think the user is being lazy. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of it myself.