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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi DesuDeus, see this previous post for a description on some various script methods that can be combined like that:

So one that does what you want would be like this:

script: /* Custom screenshot */ var prev_background = moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor; moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor = 0xFFFFFF; moi.view.lineWidth = 4; moi.grid.display = false; moi.grid.showXYAxes = false; moi.ui.getActiveViewport().renderToClipboard( 2560, 2560 ); moi.view.lineWidth = 1; moi.grid.display = true; moi.grid.showXYAxes = true; moi.view.viewportBackgroundColor = prev_background;

This one uses the renderToClipboard() method which generates an image of a custom resolution (2560x2560 in the above one) and places it directly in the clipboard.

Because it's going to a high resolution it also temporarily increases the line width of the display as well - if you take that part out you can get an effect of fainter lines if you then resize the image down.

- Michael