Question re constraining two curves

 From:  Michael Gibson
4555.16 In reply to 4555.15 
Hi Danny,

> Are you actually considering enhancing curve blend or
> are you just open for ideas?

Well, always open for ideas and if an idea allows for new functionality while not really adding any complexity to the UI (like not requiring extra stages or steps or things like that), then I tend to like to bump the priority of working on it up.

Now that I go back and read Marc's message again, I see he wrote about "in viewport" controls which I think means the same kind of point dragging that you mentioned I just didn't understand it initially.

Having draggable points for relocating the blend seems like it falls in that category (low UI overhead) well - it's similar to how Loft works like you mentioned. Similarity to other commands is good and it could fit in with the current "Adjust blend parameters" stage, so it wouldn't require a new stage to be added to the command, so that's also good.

Right now in curve blend, at that last stage if you click in the viewport on one of the blend inputs it will flip the blend to the opposite side of the curve, maybe that part could be removed if you could locate the blend starting point by dragging it.

The part about throwing trimming in as well seems not quite as promising initially - that seems like it could have some side effects. I suppose the side effects could be mitigated by having a checkbox option to enable the trimming or not, but then that option would be kind of weird to see when blending from the ends since it wouldn't do anything for that case...

- Michael