Question re constraining two curves

 From:  Michael Gibson
4555.14 In reply to 4555.13 
Hi Danny,

> Wouldn't the parent curve govern which way the blend
> goes depending where you drag or pick the point, like
> if you're blending to a 180° arc once you've gone past
> the 90° quadrant point the blend would change
> direction, wouldn't it ?

That would then make blends like this not work:

If blends somewhere internal to the curves rather than at the ends are allowed, I'm not sure that it makes sense to restrict everything from one half of the curve to only go in one direction...

> Always trim once you've decided on the position
> and commit the command.

Seems kind of risky to me - what if you wanted to build more stuff off of the original curves...

Here's an example - say you wanted to make 2 blends off of the upper arc, connecting to the curves below:

Doing too much stuff automatically can sometimes cause problems like that.

- Michael