Question re constraining two curves

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny, actually I had been thinking that you'd need to do some kind of separate point picking stage in there, I hadn't thought about having the points draggable but that could be a good way to handle it without needing extra steps.

What about controlling which direction the blend is going in though - for a point somewhere internal to a curve it's possible for the blend to come off in either tangent direction from that point, not necessariliy just in one direction like it makes sense for with the end of the curve...

Maybe a click instead of a drag on one of the points would reverse the direction, that's kind of how Loft works as well - in addition to dragging a seam point in Loft if you click on a section curve while in Loft that section flips direction.

> also how difficult would it be to auto trim at that point and still retain history

Hmm, I'm not sure about adding trim in, would you expect for it to always do the trimming or are you talking about needing some other way to control that as well?

- Michael