From:  bemfarmer
Attached please find parametric script to create a baseball.
Based upon equations of Richard Thompson.
Only had a few typo bugs to correct, this time.
Have not done laces yet. That might take some calculus, or maybe FLOW.
Due to the power of MoI, only 1/4 of the seam is needed. (Or is it 1/8th)
Just mirror the curve, join, and mirror again.
It helps to create a solid sphere of radius 1.45229 inches, to see better.
I've got milimeters selected in MoI, but is doesn't seem to matter, just resize.
Haven't researched tennis ball yet.
After seeing Michaels 6 sided sphere, thought this baseball would be good to try out some FLOW.
Can the seems be Un-Flowed?
Wikipedia has specifications.
Of course, once have the curve, don't need the script anymore?

(The next stiching jpg is from the Web.)

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