Flow on Revolved Surface

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Rich_Art,

> LoL found the problem. The mesh angle was set to 1.
> instead of the standard 10.

Yeah that would do it - the default 10 degrees will already generate pretty dense display meshes.

With an angle of 1 degree (that's a max of 1 degree angle between surface normals) it would be generating a really large quantity of teeny tiny little tiny polygons for the display mesh.

With it set back to the default you'll probably see reduced calculation time as well since it would take more time for generating those really dense display meshes, in addition to bogging down the display.

If you start to work with more complex models with a lot of pieces in them, it can help to set the mesh angle to something rougher like 25 degrees to reduce memory consumption of the display meshes.

- Michael