Flow on Revolved Surface

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Mike,

> You said that the Beta version uses less or none of the IE
> implements. It is an independently running app now?

Yup, that's correct - the v3 beta version doesn't use any pieces of IE anymore.

> Perhaps the shape of the object can conform to the surfaces
> normal, as they do when done with regular flow?

Yup, there's an "Straight" option for projective mode - when Straight is unchecked, then the objects come off of the surface normal of the projected base surface which behaves like the current flow similar to surface offsetting. When Straight is checked, the objects come off only in one direction like an extrusion (and like the constrained direction idea that you mentioned back a while ago).

The previous examples I posted are actually all going off of the surface normal - but if the surface is not very curvy in that general area you won't see too much difference between these modes.

The projective mode won't work too well if the object being projected on to is curved too steeply in relation to the projection direction - it shouldn't approach too close to being 90 degrees away from the projection for example. It's more meant for beaming an object on sort of like a decal to a localized area of the object rather than wrapping across the entire surface.

- Michael