Flow on Revolved Surface

 From:  Mike K4ICY (MAJIKMIKE)
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I know, the machine at home nearly bogs down to a halt if I leave MoI running too long without a restart.
It's some kind of service, maybe for IE that shows a huge number of IO reads.

You said that the Beta version uses less or none of the IE implements. It is an independently running app now?

Yes, if anything is set near the poles, it does some nasty things. I made sure that the wire thingys were not on the line or in the center, so this thing turned out nice without any major glitches.

There's a nice cloverleaf pattern on the bottom as the "icing" was spread on the cake plate and adjoining table.

Well, all this is good for conforming objects to revolved things, but I cant wait to try out the projected flow.

Ahh... one thought about your projection flow option:
From what I could see on your examples, the objects, I think, maintain their width from the front to the back of the objects as it is conformed.
Or in other words, like the sides of an extrusion, for instance, maintain parallel angles.
If the surface has a sharper angle, the projected shape might look really warped.

Perhaps the shape of the object can conform to the surfaces normal, as they do when done with regular flow?
This example shows what I can't describe adequately...

So it would really look like you took a cookie from the cutter and carefully placed it on the target surface.
Just a thought.