Michael, help

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian, it sounds like something may be messed up on your system, probably something in the registry related to Internet Explorer or JScript.dll .

MoI v2 is dependent on some components of Internet Explorer in order to run, and if something has happened to mangle parts of your computer's system registry it can potentially mess up MoI's ability to run. It can be possible to fix that up by doing a reset of IE settings. There's a reset button under the system Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced tab, as shown in this blog post:

Can you try pushing that Reset button for Internet Explorer and see if that makes any difference?

Also if you are running any kind of software that hooks into things at a low level like an anti-virus or anti-spyware type filtering software try disabling that temporarily to see if they are interfering with MoI being able to run.

Which version of Internet Explorer do you have on your system? You might try re-installing one of the recent versions to see if that might repair your system as well.

- Michael