Tangency between mirrored surfaces

 From:  BurrMan
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Hi mcdrury,

""""""""""""I was then working on the wing root and was wondering if the model attached is correctly modeled as per BurrMann's comments regarding tangency at the mirror point? I'm not sure I really understood what was being said, but my interpretation is attached (root.3dm). """""""""""""

Yes it is correct. The 3 points you have in alignment there at the leading edge create a tangent connection between the surfaces.

You have them relatively "close" to each other, which will make the connection "look harder" on the surface.

If you delete those 2 closest to the center point, then use the next 2 back and align them with the leading edge, you will see a much more gradual, smooth curve of the surface..

If you are looking in the front view, as soon as you move either of those 2 points left or right in the view, you will have a "hard edge" or a seam there...

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