From:  FelixPQ (FELIX)
4513.3 In reply to 4513.2 

ok, I understand why there is a difference in behaviour especially for the 3D view but shouldn't this behaviour be adapted to recognize that we are in a 2D view and behave like the circle command. By the way, the circle command could benefit from a similar behaviour (ellipse) while in 3D view and wait until we choose the desired axis especially when we specify the radius manually? I know it's possible to control the circle axis while in 3D but if you enter a radius value manually it jumps right back flat on the current cplane.

I don't know if this is pertinent or not but you talk about something like a property page that you wanted to implement. I learn recently that we can click on the line below the style that gives us info on the selected object and edit some "properties". Maybe, you could expand from there instead of adding a buttons or maybe just use something like mouse_over to give a clue to what's possible. In some program I've used, I've seen a property page like thing that allow us to enter values to translate, rotate and scale on X,Y and or Z maybe something like that would be sufficent, just a thought.