Pillow Script, request for method to put end points on factory curves.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Brian, yeah the semi-colon for a for( ) loop goes at the end of the statement that is being repeated - if you put it at the end of the for() itself, that basically makes an empty body for the for statement.

For placing a point at the end of a curve, check out this other command here:

Basically you need to create an additional factory - one that knows how to build point objects, it's the same one used by the Draw curve > Point command. It takes a point input value and then you call .commit() on it to make it generate the point object.

See the command in the link above for an actual code example - let me know if that still does not make sense.

One way you can find out how to make a script for something is to find a command that constructs the kind of thing you need (like a line, point, arc, whatever), and then go look at the script for that command and you'll see in there what factory is involved and what inputs it is expecting to have set up.

- Michael