Pillow Script, request for method to put end points on factory curves.

 From:  bemfarmer
Attached is an incomplete Pillow Script, based heavily upon the LineWeb Script.
I need some way of putting end points on a factory curve, to avoid the addition of connecting lines between
the several curves, when the factory curve data is pushed to the factories array. Perhaps by
and Input to the factory command?
Thank you.

After a week of struggling to learn more of scripting, and why the program refused to function, I finally
realized that for loops DO NOT have semicolons at the end of the line.
Also, do not mix up integer Input with numeric Input.

Desired pillow output (by manually repeating a simple script): (It lofted well.)

Bad pillow script pictured below, has connecting lines.

Edit 9/19/2011, deleted bad pillow script.

EDITED: 19 Feb 2014 by BEMFARMER

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