very small bug ??

 From:  Michael Gibson
4511.2 In reply to 4511.1 
Hi eric, I think there may be some kind of change in behavior in handling how a numeric field works if you type into it but then do something else aside from pushing Enter or Tab to commit it. That's not intentional that it should behave differently than v2 but I've had a bit of difficulty tracking down the issue.

In fact I haven't been quite sure yet if the behavior in v2 isn't actually the buggy one, at least in the case that you are talking about here with Array grid.

The Done button should probably actually be hidden when you go to draw the spacing rectangle for Array Grid, because it should only really be done when both the x and y spacing have both been definitely specified, either by a typed in value or by a point clicked. Right now it just takes the value that happened to be displayed in there from the last mouse move feedback if you push Done like you're describing.

If you go to the regular plain "draw rectangle" command, you can see there is no Done button there because it's implicitly done when both Width and Height have been fully specified.

So I think that's actually a bug in Array, but there is also possibly some kind of slight behavior change in how numeric fields get committed which I need to track down a bit more.

- Michael