Background Image

 From:  Bob (PHOTON713)
Good Afternoon, all...

I have gone through the search and tutorial series to find specifically what I need to do to get a background image loaded that I can trace above, to create a series of profiles to be used for sweeps.
I am actually using a woodworking profiler to capture the profile and transferring the profile to graph paper.

Can someone please describe what I need to do to display these profiles in the background, to include the proper file format needed, loading the image and following the underlying profiles. I've tried to follow the description of "images", but, not clear to me without examples. The Ferrari example is what I need to be able to duplicate, but, no description of how it got to the background and the file format used.

Unless there is a better way, I intend to scan the image and save it in Photoshop and write it out in some file format compatible with MOI's background capability.