Integration with Scan&Solve

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anthony, actually it takes a lot of work to support other developers adding extensions into a program - I would need to do a lot of time helping them debug their extensions, and provide a lot more documentation and examples to help them understand how to do it as well. Because of the substantial amount of work involved, that kind of "third party" extensions are not really a focus for me at this point in time with MoI.

That could change in the future when more of the core areas of MoI are further fleshed out. But for now my main energy is focused on improving MoI more for regular users rather than focusing on supporting developers right now.

Have you asked the Scan & Solve people if they are interested in working on a stand-alone version instead of one that requires a plug-in to another program?

That would probably make the most sense since then they would work with a whole variety of different programs, like maybe anything that could export a 3DM file, rather than being limited to only run within one specific modeling program.

- Michael