Control Points

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Andrew, in general I kind of dislike tagging things with too many special colors - for the most part colors are kind of reserved for you to use to organize your model using styles, and having too many various kinds of colors for other purposes can kind of be cluttering. It also tends to be kind of hard to make colors have really specific meanings to them other than a few cases like red = danger.

I was kind of thinking more about having them marked more by a difference in shape, maybe something like an extra ring around the outside of the the regular point.

> Though thinking about it I can see the ocassional benefit of segment
> ends being highlighted as well, perhaps in grey, i.e. a midway status
> between a end of full curve (black), and a partway control point (white).

The problem here is that curve points are not necessarily outlined in black - they will have the color of the style assigned to the curve. So for example if you select a curve and assign it style = Blue, and then turn on its control points currently, you should see the points actually have a blue outline then.

> Having it as an option in an extended properties dialog (perhaps under the
> Options/View panel?), would be a perfect solution for me.

You mean an option for making every curve in the whole model have its ends marked that way?

The way I was thinking was more that you be able to turn it on or off for just some particular curves that you have selected, probably the access point would be a button on the properties panel that shows up when you have selected some objects, something like this:

The idea there would be that pushing that "Properties" button would pull up an extended object properties dialog where I would have plenty of room to put in a lot of diagnostic and detailed information controls, something for turning on additional markers for endpoints could fit in well there.

> I really appreciate the effort you put into this, and use MoI3D
> as part of my hobby time, because it is so fun and easy to use!

Thanks very much Andrew, I'm really glad that you are having fun with MoI!

- Michael