Control Points

 From:  Buzzard (ANCIENT_BUZZARD)
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Hi Michael

Just chose red at random for the example as it helped illustrate my point! I agree that red is definitely not suitable, and something subtle would fit in with the whole MoI3D default colour scheme. I actually find the default colours relaxing on the eyes when using it for long periods. As for the colour to use, it could even be as simple as the end of curve control points could be black, not white?

For my original request, I was only looking for the ends of the full curve, i.e. a control point that was not intermediate in a curve or as part of joined segments. Though thinking about it I can see the ocassional benefit of segment ends being highlighted as well, perhaps in grey, i.e. a midway status between a end of full curve (black), and a partway control point (white).

Having it as an option in an extended properties dialog (perhaps under the Options/View panel?), would be a perfect solution for me.

Like so many of the others on this forum who have said it before, having the chance to put issues like this to you (even if they aren't possible or acceptable), really makes MoI3D stand out from all the other packages I've used. I really appreciate the effort you put into this, and use MoI3D as part of my hobby time, because it is so fun and easy to use!