Control Points

 From:  Michael Gibson
4501.4 In reply to 4501.1 
Hi Andrew, I'm not sure about doing something like the red that you're showing - red kind of has a connection with some kind of error or problem and if you had just some regular open curve it could potentially be confusing for someone to see ends displayed in red and think there was some kind of error with a totally normal curve.

So if it was going to be something that was displayed all the time then it would need to be kind of more subtle than that.

Then the other issue is whether it would be expected for there to be markers like that at the ends of every segment in the curve, or only at the ends of the full curve...

I've previously been thinking about having an extended properties dialog that you could pop up for selected objects and having some checkbox on that for enabling showing end markers. That could be a place where I could put all kinds of various diagnostic tools.

- Michael