Control Points

 From:  Buzzard (ANCIENT_BUZZARD)
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Hi Danny

Thanks for your reminder of the scripts. I should have remembered to refer to them in my first post.

As someone who uses MoI with just a trackball (and very occasionally an onscreen keyboard for naming files and exports), I was hoping that this might be something that Michael could implement as a standard feature, either in V3 or a future release. Whilst the option to use scripts is very helpful at times, I must say I find it a bit of a bind trying to remember what is available and then triggering the script. It's the sheer simplicity of the MoI interface that makes it so easy to pick up again after not using it for a long period of time. We all find our ways of using software in our own way, but if a feature is only available as a script, I tend to find another way of doing it.