Control Points

 From:  Buzzard (ANCIENT_BUZZARD)
Sometimes when using "Join" to connect a series of curves into a closed curve, its really difficult to spot where there is a minor misplacement in the control points that stops the command. More importantly when trying to "Planar" what appears to be a closed curve you realise that it is only a "Curve", not a "Closed crv" when that doesn't work, or you look at the selection description box. I generated the curve below as an example:

As you can see, it's only when you zoom in close that you can see the misalignment of the end control points. Whilst "Join" does sometimes overcome a very close mismatch, I've occasionally got very frustrated trying to see where the two ends of the same curve that overlap each other actually are on very complex curves. This invloves zooming in really close and following it round until I find the culprits.

Would it be posible to change the way control points are displayed? Perhaps when you use "Show pts", a different colour could be used for control points that are at the end of a curve, rather than intermediate ones? The following repainted version of the above image shows what I'm suggesting. As you can see it would easily allow one to zoom in on the correct area to tweak a control point to create a closed curve.

Many thanks