Make an outrigger canoe with woodden planks and..FLOW..

 From:  Mauro (M-DYNAMICS)
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Thankyou Rich_Art
i see your gallery:great job with Hair and Bodypaint...BRAVO!!
You are Master of C4D,so let me ask you an off-topic thing:
i don't like new Maxon's commercial more modules !
I need Sketch& Toon.I have UPDATED 10.5 with AR-2 to R12 PRIME,if i want it,i have to buy VISUALIZE but i'm not interested to use AR-3-OKINO-Wirtual Walkthrough so:why i have to buy all the stuff if i'll not use?? marketing strategy..ok..
so do you know a plug-in to perform something like Sketch&Toon?i think don't exist (CEBAS offers it now with Final Render but i'm not interested to use it,like AR-3)
any new?