Exporting surfaces and their names to an STL file

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Andrew,

> I want *each* surface to have its own solid-endsolid section in the STL file:
> solid floor
> ...
> endsolid floor
> solid wall
> ...
> endsolid wall

Unfortunately this is not allowed in the way that STL files are supposed to be structured - an STL file is only supposed to be a container that holds one solid object, so there is only supposed to be a single solid/endsolid section within the whole file.

Trying to write multiple solid/endsolid sections does not work very well because many STL importers are expecting there to only be a single section and will stop reading the file when they reach the endsolid marker.

See here for some more information: http://www.deelip.com/?p=255

I think it could be possible for me to update the STL exporter to use the object's name instead of just "OBJECT" for the case where you are exporting a single object to the STL file, I'll make a note to look into updating that for v3.

But the particular thing you're requesting of multiple solid/endsolid sections within a single stl file is not going to work since that's not how STL files are meant to be structured.

- Michael